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We specialize in the Breeding of classic tabby cats, silver black, silver blue, silver red, brown, blue, red, cream and tabby (tabby, white and non-white tabby cats) maine coon kittens for sale . Also, solid colors (black) or rarer shades / smoky colors are occasionally available. (Especially black smoke and black smoked tortoiseshell), some are white. We breed for the appearance of the wild (wild) Large bones, high ears, long lynx spots, thick fur, good health and good temperament. 

 At Maine Coon Champs, we focus on extraordinary health, timeless beauty, and wonderful temperament! We focus on the ‘high end’, suitable for those who want extreme luxury, experience and knowledge, appreciate the finer aspects of excellent breeding, and are willing to pay high prices for quality and health assurance.

Maine Coon Champs is passionate about bringing joy to homes and hearts through our beautiful Maine Coon kittens. With over a decade of experience in breeding these majestic felines, we’ve established a reputation for offering only the finest quality kittens for sale. 

Residing at the heart of our business is a deep-rooted love for these magnificent creatures and a commitment to responsible breeding practices that strictly adhere to all established welfare standards. At Maine Coon Champs, our kittens are not merely pets; they are members of the family, treated with utmost care, love, and respect. 

Our kittens possess the quintessential Maine Coon attributes – playful, intelligent, and sociable, with the signature bushy tails and irresistibly soft fur. Each one has its own unique personality, just waiting to brighten up your home and fill it with laughter and enjoyment.

Whether you’re a seasoned cat lover or opening your heart to a furry friend for the very first time, we are here to guide you every step of the way, as you welcome your new beloved Maine Coon kitten.    

When you choose our Maine Coon, you’re not only investing in an extraordinary pet but are also joining our extended family of Maine Coon enthusiasts. Together, let’s make the world a happier place, one Maine Coon kitten at a time

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Looking for the perfect pet? Maine Coon cats are one of the most beautiful and loving breeds. With their luxurious fur coats, playful personalities, and intelligence, these cats make ideal companions. At our pet shop, we offer a wide selection of healthy and socialized Maine Coon cats, with options to fit any family or lifestyle. Come see us today for your new furry friend!

Know More About Our Kittens

Shipping is available to all USA and AU. destinations & New Zealand. Shipping charges vary depending on location. Shipping costs include a vet health certificate and a Kitten care packet. The packet includes a bag of the Kitten’s food that he/she is accustomed to and kitten care information. Delivery is typically a counter-to-counter service. kittens will travel in a pressurized compartment that’s temperature controlled, or inside the Cabin with a nanny.

You also have the option of having your kitten delivered by van right to your doorstep using a Pet Transport service that delivers to all destinations in continental Australia. The cost for this service varies by distance and location

Shipping a Kitten by itself to a new location always sounds cruel and embarrassing, but actually, it is not esp with based AMERICAN AND AUSTRALIAN airlines. With my many years of shipping experience, I know for a fact that all of the kittens are well taken care of. So if you stop and think about it, the airlines are not going to mistreat the kitten(s) for fear of lawsuit and customer dissatisfaction.

I tape kitten(s) food and feeding instructions to the top of the crate and put frozen water in the crate, so it will gradually thaw out for the kitten(s) and the kittens are offered food along the ride. The average flight is approximately 3 to 6 hours. I always ask about any delays or layovers and know the exact times and departures of the flights, so I know where the kitten is and am able to give you the information as well. The kitten will arrive the same day as it is sent usually in a few hours. I have a big fluffy bed of shredded newspapers in the crate for the kitten(s) to nestle in and usually a pig’s ear chew (they love them), and a toy or sock with my scent on it to help the kitten feel secure.

If you decide on a kitten, We will guarantee as we have for years that he/she will arrive safe and sound. Kittens can be shipped safely between 20 and 85 degrees–AA rules. All Kittens ride in the belly of the plane where the temperature is kept at a comfortable 70 degrees same as for the passengers and they are the last on and first off the plane. Shipping during this time of year is completely safe and there is no problem so we need not be afraid about that. Just like a person getting on a flight to go meet their relatives and/or friends for the holidays, shipping a kitten is very similar and probably even a little easier. The only thing different about this time of year is that the airlines can be strict on the minimum temperature at each location (which is really good for the kitten(s) even though the plane is always kept at 70 degrees. We believe it is mainly for their liability and protection. Likewise, in the summertime–they will not ship if temperatures are too hot along the way. If this is the case, we will wait for the next best day to ship or ship earlier or later in the day to combat the hot/cold part of the day.

With our kittens we guarantee NO problems and offer this health guarantee. At six weeks kittens lose antibodies because the immunity which was provided by their mother from nursing starts to wear off as a kitten is weaned. When our kittens are six weeks old we have all kittens examined by a licensed Veterinarian. Due to immunization controversies, we no longer immunized our kittens, We leave that up to the new pet parents to do if they wish. We do provide a schedule of immunization recommendations. We keep detailed records of exams and kitten development, and provide it along with a Health Certificate from a licensed Veterinarian, along with Maine Coon ® written Health Guarantee to new pet parents

Distemper virus (also called Panleukopenia) – Extremely contagious, often fatal to adults, almost always fatal to kittens. The actual “distemper vaccine includes the following:


—– Rhinotracheitis – most severe & common upper respiratory virus
—– Calicivirus – a major cause of upper respiratory disease
—– Chlamydiosis – a highly contagious bacterial infection of the eyes