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Pure Maine Coon Kitten Cattery believe a cat who’s loved will be well cared for. We work with every kitten every day to ensure each kitten will be a well-socialized, happy kitten who burrows their way right into their new family’s hearts, ensuring their care and happiness forever.

Maine Coon Cats are very social animals, in general, and we take particular pride in the disposition of Pure Maine Coons kittens. Their happiness is dependent on frequent interaction, affection, and attention. This is not the breed to be left alone for long extended periods at a time.

We will not consider sending single kittens to homes that are empty most of the time, and or with no other pets. Please understand that while we know people work and families are busy, and that animals are fine alone for short periods of time, we believe that no animal should live a solitary existence.

We may suggest you consider two kittens, or adopt an older cat, either from a breeder or a shelter. Please understand that our concern is the happiness of our kittens.

New owner’s Responsibilities:

A cat is a responsibility and a commitment. The happiness and well-being of each cat/kitten is Pure Maine Coon primary concern. For the natural life of the kitten/cat:

  1. Buyer agrees to provide their cat/kitten with kind attention, comfortable indoor housing, nutritious food, fresh water, parasite control, and regular veterinary care.
  2. Buyer agrees kitten/cat will never be declawed.
  3. Buyer agrees that kitten/cat is not to be given away, sold, leased, or transferred to a pet shop, animal
    dealer, animal shelter, research laboratory or similar facility nor to anyone convicted of neglect or cruelty
    to any animal, or abandoned.
  4. It is agreed that Pure Maine Coon will be contacted prior to any decision to rehome the kitten/cat. If for any reason, at any time, Buyer is unable to keep or provide adequate care for this kitten/cat Seller must be notified. In the event the buyer(s) can no longer care for this cat/kitten for any reason it is required that Pure Maine Coon will be informed and included in decisions about the cat or kittens, and returned to the breeder if breeder agrees.
  5. Must sign a spay/neuter agreement and provide proof to Joseph before kitten reaches 7 months of age.